Saint Clones RPG

During my stint as a youth minister, we played an ongoing RPG where the teens were brought-back-to-life saints. I finally got around to compiling and editing so I can share it online.

The Saint Clones RPG: A nefarious cleric has used ancient DNA to bring long-dead saints back to life. Since this process would be impossible through normal means, dark magic and dangerous scientific methods were used. The saints are alive now, but they aren’t exactly… normal. They are all … different from their past selves. The saints all live together in the mysterious All Saints Church in the village of Ravenhaven. They are learning to live again, but it’s difficult when they don’t know who they can trust.


• Dr Aqua, the evil descendant of St Thomas Aquinas
• Nick, the smart-talking clone of St Nicholas
• Terry and Resa, the clones of St Teresa of Avila, split into two people!
• G, the braggadocios clone of St George
• And ten other playable characters.

What you’ll need to play:

  • A time, date, and location where your group will play the game
  • All the necessary guides, character sheets, maps etc, found at
  • A GM (game master) who (preferably) has some experience and/or knowledge with running RPG games, having read the guides and planned the adventure
  • Players, each having read the player guide and with a completed character sheet
  • At least one set of dice
  • Paper and writing utensils


Guides and Notes:



St Thomas Aquinas (Dr Aqua):

St Augustine of Hippo (August):

St Blaise (Blaze):

St Catherine of Siena (Cat):

St Columba (Dr Col):

St Elizabeth of Portugal (Liz):

St Francis of Assisi (Frank and Mal):

St George (G):

St Julian of Norwich (Jules):

St Nicholas (Nick):

St Patrick (Pat):

St Teresa of Avila (Terry and Resa):

St Valentine (Val):

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